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Temporary Covid Terms & Conditions 

Please would you take note of the information printed below that I have produced to assist local driving schools in Basingstoke.  Would you please download a copy of the temporary terms and conditions that students and instructors will need to follow to enable driving lessons to restart safely. 

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Refunds policy

1a) Any lessons paid for in advance either online, Paym, Bank Transfer; are not refundable.  Payments must not be made unless you have been accepted as a pupil and have a lesson booked and confirmed.

1b) All pupils should note that any advance payments made equates to a contact between the pupil and the driving school.  Should a contract be completed by passing the driving test with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School then a refund maybe issued for a remaining balance but a fee of £20 will be charged to cover admin and expenses.

1c) Any items purchased from the online store can only be refunded if it can be proven that the item is broken or faulty before it is used or removed from any packaging.  Items are all checked before being posted.  Any claims for items damaged in the post should be made directly to the post office or other carrier.

1d) Any claims for refunds should be made in accordance with the terms and conditions.



2) At least 48 hours notice must be given to cancel or change a lessons once booked, failure to do so may mean you be will charged the lesson fee in full.

Contact Driving School

Paul’s Automatic Driving School
201 Paddock Road

Tel: 07854 245494


Privacy Policy


Privacy policy – At Paul’s Automatic Driving School there is a need to collect a small amount of data to ensure accurate training records are kept and pupils can receive the training they need to help them to learn to drive safely and pass their driving test.  There is also a legal necessity for an instructor to ensure that a pupil is legal to drive which involves a licence check with the DVSA.


Data Collected

The driving school collect the following data.

  • Your first name and last name
  • Your date of birth
  • Your full address and postcode
  • Your driving licence number
  • Your phone number
  • Your email address
  • Your learning progress
  • Driving test information
  • Payments and payment methods
  • Appointments and lessons taken


How your data is stored

The driving school is referred to as ‘data collection’ and the driving school is registered as a ‘data collector’.  The data that is collected is stored securely within the ‘our app provider’ software.  ‘The app provider’ are then responsible on the driving schools behalf for the security of the data that has been collected.  If you are interested to know how your data is being stored and the security they have in place please ask for details on how to contact them directly.


Your legal rights

Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with a summons or when your actions are deemed criminal or in violation of our Terms of Service. Apart from this your data is not shared.It is your legal right to ask to see your data or to request a copy.  This is very easily done if you are a pupil as it can be shown to you at anytime during one of your driving lessons.  If you are a previous pupils you can send an email to us to request the information and it will be provided to you.


Data that cannot be deleted

Please note that some data cannot be deleted for legal reasons.  ‘Your full name’ cannot be deleted as this will be needed for the driving schools financial records and to provide evidence of the driving schools earning to the tax office.  But all other data that has been collected can be completely and permanently deleted.


Sending a message through the online forms

When you fill in any of the online web-forms on the driving schools website you will need to provide your name, address, phone number and email, this is used so that you can be contacted and your enquiry can be processed.  This information is not stored or used for any other purposes.  You details maybe kept for a period of time if you have requested to join the waiting list etc.


Terminating your driving tuition

When you have completed your automatic driving lessons by passing your driving test or if you wish to cancel your lessons with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School then most of the data that has been collected can be deleted.  Please make sure you inform us if you wish to change instructors or cancel your tuition before passing the driving test so that this data can be deleted to enable compliance with our privacy policy.



Information on the website has been used with permission.  This includes testimonials, photographs and references made to named students passed and present.  Students have the right to opt out of having their photographs displayed on the website at any time.


Data Sharing

Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School may disclose personally identifiable information under special circumstances, such as to comply with a summons or when your actions are deemed criminal or in violation of our Terms of Service. Apart from this your data is not shared.


Dashcam recordings

The tuition car is fitted with dashcams to record what is happening outside of the vehicle, it does not record any sound.  This is used as evidence the case of any accidents or incidents.  It is not shared on any social media or other public or private platforms. Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School may disclose this as evidence under special circumstances, such as to comply with a summons or when a persons actions are deemed criminal or in violation of the law.

Cookies on this site

This site uses cookies in the normal functioning of the website.  We have not added any cookies to gather data.  This website is powered by WordPress and has various plugins added to make the website function.  Some of these from time to time use cookies.  The payments section on this site is powered by Worldpay who use cookies to help process payments and for security.

Paul’s Automatic Driving School offers automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke, Paul Loader is a DVSA ‘Grade A’ driing instructor.

Automatic driving lessons can be taken Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm in Basingstoke only.  Sorry we do not offer evening or weekend lessons.

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Ford Fiesta Active (Eco Boost)

No Gears, No Clutch, No Stalling, No Rolling Backwards

You can learn to drive in an Automaitc Ford Fiesta Active that is easy to drive, comfortable and economical.

  • Additional Reversing Mirrors
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Dual Controlled Brake
  • Fully Automatic

Paul’s Automatic Driving School specialised in teaching automiatc driving lessons in Basingstoke.

Due to high processing fee’s any payments for block bookings should be made by bank transfer.  You can call or text 07854 245 494 to request the bank details.

The payment once recieved will then show in your pupil app under the payments section

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