Free Student App

As a student of Paul’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke you will have access to a free student app called ‘Total Drive’.  Using this state of the art app is free for all of Paul Loader’s Driving School pupils.

App Features 

  • Automatic lesson reminders
  • Progress report
  • Coming and past lessons
  • Book lesson slots
  • Driving ability area with updates
  • Message your instructor for free
  • Reflective pupil logs
  • Full message history
  • Recommend a friend
  • Resources & self help guides

Setting up your app

Simply download the app for free from your appropriate app store and install it on your phone.  You can then navigate to the ‘register’ or ‘log in’ section to begin using the app.  You will need the driving schools instructor number which is ‘available on request’ and your instructor is ‘Paul’.  It is best for you to then enter all of your details, such as; name, address, phone number, email etc.

Once setup has been completed and your instructor begins to add lessons and payments to your account the app on your device will then automatically update.  You will also receive a message in your app to tell you lessons have been added or changes have been made.

If you have any questions about setting up you app you can call the driving school on 07854 245 494.


Pupil Progress Record

Track and view all of your lesson progress and driving ability in the apps progress record section.  Using the DVSA syllubas you can keep up to date and informed on you latest progress as it is updated.  You see on your app exactly what the instructor has recorded during your lessons.

This is extremely important and is a DVSA requirement that all driving instructors keep accurate information on a pupils progress.


Reflective Logs

Brand new to the ‘Total Drive’ app, is the reflective log.  You can now leave notes on your own driving and learning performance and share the information with your instructor.  Simply fill out the fields within your own app and discuss with your instructor – a great way to interact and improve your own learning.

To access these logs go to your lessons section, either past lessons or pending lessons, swipe left on the lesson you wish to reflect on and away you go!  Leave as much or was little feedback as you like.  Any information is private between you and your instructor and will not be shared with anyone else.

Packed with features

There are many features contained within your free driving school app to improve your experience whilst learning to drive.   All of the driving school pupils using this app have said that they ‘love it’!

The ‘Total Drive’ app is constantly being updated and improved with new features being added regularly.


Free ‘Total Drive’ Pupil App

You can download the free ‘Total Drive’ app for any of your mobile devices.  Making booking, learning and tracking all of your learning simple. If you need help installing then click here.

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