Practical Test

Important Note

As a learner driver, the driving test is one of the most important days of your life.  Before you book your driving test, it is important to agree with whoever is teaching you that you have reached the required standard.  There is no point in taking the driving test before you are ready; this is one of the main reasons that learner drivers fail the practical test.  Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School has an excellent pass rate and will make sure that you are prepared.

Please note that we do not accept new students for tests only! Paul will be very happy to teach you to drive but is unable to accept people for a few hours and a short notice test.  It is also important to note that as a driving school, it is not possible to hire out the car for a pupil for tests only.

About the practical driving test

A DVSA Driving Test Examiner conducts the driving tests.  Your driving test will last for about 45 minutes, during the tests,  you will need to demonstrate that you can drive safely, obey the rules of the road and can reverse and drive independently.  If you have already taken a driving test and failed or are suffering from last-minute nerves, make sure you follow everything your instructor has taught you and stay calm – never give up!

You will also need to answer a ‘tell me’ question at the start of the test and a ‘show me’ question that is asked at a safe point during your test – whilst you are moving.

Preparing for your test

To help you to prepare for your driving test Paul’s Automatic Driving School will teach you everything you need to know, but not only that – ‘how to be a safe driver for life’.  You will be taught the full DVSA syllabus.  That means all roads, junctions, maneuvers, and skills that a good driver needs to know.  

Show Me / Tell Me Questions

You will also need to learn the show me / tell me questions and answers as you will be asked one of each on your driving test. 

How your test is marked

Your examiner will assess your driving according to 3 types of faults:

  • A dangerous fault – this involves actual danger to you, the examiner, the public or property.
  • A serious fault – something potentially dangerous (this, and dangerous faults, are often referred to as majors).
  • A driving fault – this isn’t potentially dangerous, but if you keep making the same mistake, it could become a serious fault (these are often referred to as minors).

To pass your test, you will need to:

  •  Receive fewer than 16 driving faults (minors).
  • Avoid recording a single serious or dangerous driving fault (majors).

DVSA Driving Test

You can watch this official DVSA video explaining the driving test, you can also read the show me / tell me questions.

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You can book your practical test online.

Do not use the unofficial booking sites that you will commonly find online, it is recommended that you use the official DVSA Test Booking Site.

Your Local Test Centre

Your local Practical Driving Test Centre in Basingstoke is:

Brighton Hill Centre
RG22 4LR

Automatic driving lessons can be taken Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm in Basingstoke only.  Sorry we do not offer evening or weekend lessons.

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Ford Fiesta Active (Eco Boost)

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You can learn to drive in an Automaitc Ford Fiesta Active that is easy to drive, comfortable and economical.

  • Additional Reversing Mirrors
  • Reversing Sensors
  • Dual Controlled Brake
  • Fully Automatic

Paul’s Automatic Driving School specialised in teaching automiatc driving lessons in Basingstoke.

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