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Driving lessons and tests to resume

The good news that 100,000s of learner drivers across England have been waiting for was finally announced this week by England’s Primeminister Boris Johnson.  That is, that restrictions that were imposed in January 2021 putting England into a full lockdown are to be eased. The lockdown forced the closure of all non-essential businesses and people were ordered to stay at home. This forced the closure of all driving school and cancelled all driving tests.  But now there is some good news on the horizon. But it may not come soon enough for some!

From 8th March 2021, all schools in England will be allowed to reopen, enable children and students of all ages to return to the classroom – after months of stay at home, much to the delight of children and parents alike.

From 29th March 2021, the stay at home order will be lifted and people allowed a little more freedom to mix and socialise in outdoor spaces.

But the good news all learners and instructors have been waiting and holding out hope for is that from 12th April 2021 driving lessons will be allowed to resume once again.  The DVSA has announced that driving tests will also resume shortly after this date allowing learner drivers, instructors and examiners to get back to what they love! However, all of this is depending and relying on the fact that the virus remains under control and the reinfection rate remains low.  At least the end is in sight and hopefully, learners will be able to resume lessons again after months of waiting.

There will most defiantly be issues with driving tests, which will be a real blow to learner drivers who have in some cases been waiting over a year now for a driving test.  The DVSA have had to cancel countless driving tests to comply with the lockdown and catching up on these tests and getting candidates tests dates is an unenviable task.  Learner drivers will have to be patient a while longer and keep their calm until they can finally take their driving test.  In the meantime at least driving lessons will be able to restart – at last.

As a driving instructor teaching automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke I know that many of my students are chopping at the bit ready to get back in the car again.  Daily, the phone is ringing with potential students trying to find an instructor and book in a driving lesson, no doubt things are going to be extremely busy for everyone concerned. If you would be interested in learning to driving in an automatic car in Basingstoke then please feel free to get in touch. 

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