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Theory & Driving Tests Postponed

All Tests Postponed

It is regrettable that due to the pandemic the DVSA have suspended all Theory Tests and Practical Tests, as well as forcing all driving schools to temporally close.  That means no driving lessons of any kind and no tests!  This is now the third lockdown and it is having severe consequences for everyone concerned.  Learner drivers with tests booked will receive an email from the DVSA explaining that their tests have been cancelled and will be offered an alternative date.

The shocking news for learner drivers and all driving instructors alike is the waiting time for these alternative practical test dates.  Some learners have been lucky enough to receive alternative dates in March (which is a three-month wait) but other candidates have been unfortunate enough to receive new test dates in June (nearly 6 months!) especially in Basingstoke.

Theory Test Expiry Dates

Even more shocking is that many candidates are going to find that their theory test certificates will expire before they are able to find an alternative test date.  Driving Instructors have been in touch with the DVSA who oversee all aspects of learning to drive to ask them to extend candidates theory tests.  However, the DVSA has now confirmed that it is not possible to extend theory test certificates as it is written into legislation that the certificate term is 2 years and they do not have the power to extend any certificates.  The only way certificates can be extended is for parliament and the government to change the legislation.  With this in mind driving instructors are jointly writing to their local MP’s and the government to request they take this into account.

When will it all end?

At this stage, it is still unknown when this latest lockdown will end enabling tests and lessons to resume. Many learner drivers have now had more than one test cancelled due to the lockdown and may well find that there is no hope of a test at any point in the near future.

Please rest assured that driving instructors are doing everything they can to try and get a fair deal for their learner drivers.  All driving instructors are self-employed and are not able to earn a wage at the moment so the sooner the lockdown finishes and as soon as the pandemic is brought under control we will all be resuming driving lessons as normal.


If you require more information you can check the official DVSA website for more information.



Until driving lessons can resume I would recommend to all my students that you keep important aspects of learning to drive fresh in your mind by reading over the Highway Code, Practice Road Signs and revise for your theory tests, so that you can be ready and prepared for when Paul’s Automatic Driving School is able to take bookings for automatic driving lessons again.

Please note that the current lockdown rules will be in place until the government reaccess the situation on 15th February 2021.



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