Cheap driving lessons may not always work out cheaper!

Published by Paul Loader ADI on 22/04/2022

I am sure we have all heard the ‘term you get what you pay for’.

There are lots of driving instructors and driving schools offering beginner drivers extremely cheap driving lessons to encourage the learner driver to choose their services when searching for affordable driving lessons. There are a few major and very well known national schools that practice this. As a driving instructor, many of my pupils have asked me over the years about the pro’s and con’s behind these cheap companies and whether or not they are value for money.

According to the DVSA only around 50% of all learner drivers pass their test the first time around. That leaves 50% of beginners who will pay for additional lessons and extra test fees. On average this can usually cost you more money in the long term.

So do cheap driving lessons really work out cheaper in the long run?

As times move on there are many changes being made, making it more difficult to become a qualified approved driving instructor in the uk. Some of the major driving schools also enable their trainee driving instructors to offer chargeable driving lessons without advising the students that the instructor is still in training.  This means that the instructor can have little or no experience.  I can assure you that a good driving instructor will have to spend years learning and improving their teaching skills to become a great instructor.  It is also worth stating that there are many excellent instructors out there, but they are not always the cheapest.  Remember again, ‘you pay for what you get’.

So try to avoid the cheapest offers, it may cost you more in the long term!

At Paul’s Automatic Driving School I offer automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas and have been an instructor for the last 18 years. I focus on teaching ‘safe driving for life’.  Using the latest client-centred learning, tailoring all my lessons to each learner’s own learning style at the highest quality.

Choosing the right driving instructor is never easy but you can always read the reviews on my website that have been left by previous students, after all, you don’t just want to take my word for it.

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