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Benefits of Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

If you are new to driving and still deciding whether to do manual or automatic driving lessons, I am writing this post to give you insight into why my learner drivers have decided to take automatic driving lessons.  There are many different reasons why students chose automatic driving lessons instead of manual ones and I will outline a few.

Less stress

Learning to drive in an automatic car is a lot less stressful than learning in a manual car.  It is ideal for people who are in a hurry, nervous about driving or even tried manual driving lessons and not progressed well.

No Gears – No Stalling – No Clutch – No Rolling Backwards

When you learn to drive in an automatic car there are no complicated gear changes for you to learn.  This is especially useful if a student struggles with when to change gear and which gear to select.  It can also help with approaching junctions and hazards.  Imagine how stressful it is pulling away at a junction or a roundabout and stalling! Gear changing can at times take a long time for an inexperienced learner driver to master, especially if co-ordination and concentrating don’t come easily. Struggling with gear changes can be very distracting as well as stressful, meaning someone may not be as focused on the road as they should be. This issue alone is a common reason students choose to learn in an automatic.

Mastering clutch control is another complicated part of learning in a manual car, so in an automatic car, this complicated and major part of learning to drive is removed, as in an automatic car you do not use a clutch.  This combined with no gear changes to make means you can relax a little and let the automatic car take care of these issues for you. All this means that pupils have more time available to read the road and as a result, they become more confident in their decision making. Altogether a much more enjoyable learning experience! Automatic driving also means you can spend more time reading the road ahead. 

Rolling backwards at junctions and during hill starts is another massive fear for learner drivers.  If you don’t get that clutch control just right or are in the wrong gear a manual car will probably stall or roll backwards. In an automatic car because the gears and clutch are automatic they do not roll backwards.

Lastly, there is stalling – an automatic car does not stall!  This alone is a relief to many learners who have been in situations where they have tried to drive a manual car and stalled at junctions etc.

Age Factor

Some of my students have also turned to automatic lessons as they are now in the 30s – 40s – 40s -50s and which they had taken lessons when they were younger.  Students with learning disabilities, dyslexia, dyspraxia or a physical disability may also choose to do automatic lessons, as it is not only easier but maybe the only type of car they will be able to drive.

Life Changing

Being able to drive a car is not something that is exclusive for the few.  With the right help and training, most people can learn to drive a car, no matter who they are.   Learning to drive and becoming more mobile can be life-changing giving you more independence to be able to travel when and where you like without really on family and friends or public transport.

Important Note

It is important to note that if you pass your driving test in an automatic car, then your licence will not entitle you to drive a manual car unless you were to take another manual driving test.  This is not normally an issue as people who learn to drive in an automatic car do not have any intention of driving a manual car.  For more information please visit my website https://www.automatic-instructor.co.uk



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