Driving Tests

The Theory Test

50 Multiple Choice Questions

The multiple choose part of the test consists of 50 questions on a range of subjects relating to driving and road safety, there may also be a few on first aid.  You must get at lest 43 questions correct to pass the test.

Paul’s Automatic Driving School students can now receive discounted online theory test training provided by Driving Test Success. The latest and best rated theory test training available.  Available for a charge to non driving school pupils.

Hazard Perception 

The hazard perception part of the test involves watching a series of 14 video clips and trying to spot the hazards.  The earlier you spot the hazards the more you will score. 

It is strongly recommended that you practice your hazard perception before taking the test.


Book Your Theory Test

You can book your theory test online or by telephone, please make sure you have your provisional license to hand when making or changing a test booking of any kind.

You can phone the automated booking line on 0300 300 1122.  The lines are normally open between 8am and 12pm.



Do not use 3rd party booking sites as they will charge you a fee, it is free to book on the official booking site.

Your Local Test Centre

If you live in Basingstoke the local theory test centre is in Reading, there are others to choose from at alternative locations, such as Andover and Aldershot.

Practical Test

About the pratical driving test

The driving test is conducted by a DSA Driving Examiner.  Your driving test will last for about 45 minutes, during the test you will need to demonstrate that you can drive safely, obey the rules of the road and can reverse and drive independently.  If you have already taken a driving test and failed or are suffering from last minute nerves make sure you follow everything your instructor has taught you and stay calm – never give up!

You will also need to answer a ‘tell me’ question at the start of the test and a ‘show me’ question that is asked at a safe point during your test – whilst you are moving.

Preparing for your test

To help you to prepare for your driving test Paul’s Automatic Driving School will teach you everything you need to know, but not only that – ‘how to be a safe driver for life’.  You will be taught the full DVSA syllabus.  That means all roads, junctions, manouvers and skills that a good driver needs to know.  In addition to your automatic driving lessons it recommended that you use the software recommended by the driving school – Driving Test Success Anytime.  Driving Test Success Anytime is packed with online videos, tutorials  and advice not only for the theory test, but also the practical test.

Book Your Practical Test

You can book your practical test online or by telephone, please make sure you have your provisional license to hand when making or changing a test booking of any kind.

Do not use the unofficial booking sites that you will commonly find online, it is recommended that you use the offical DVSA Test Booking Site.

Your Local Test Centre

Your local Practical Driving Test Centre in Basingstoke is:

Brighton Hill Centre
RG22 4LR

‘Tell Me’ Questions Video

‘Show Me’ Questions Video

The above videos were created by Paul Loader ADI – Owner of Paul’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke.

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