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The reviews of Paul’s Automatic Driving School and the testimonials on this page are from genuine pupils who have passed their driving tests with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke.  Please take your time to have a read of the reviews if you are considering taking automatic lessons then you can call us on : 07854 245 494.

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Best Instructor I ever had

5.0 rating
20th October 2020

Paul was the best driving instructor I’ve ever had! He was so patient and made a conscious effort to work out the best way to teach me so that I would find learning to drive easier and less stressful.

Hannah Booth

Very Impressed

5.0 rating
14th May 2020

As a key worker, I am desperate to learn to drive. I am so grateful that Paul is willing to give me lessons so take I can take an emergency driving test. He has provided me with a face mask and gloves so that we can be as safe as possible. It is not an ideal situation but I really do not want to have to cancel this test as at the moment I can only get to work by bus and train. Thanks Paul – fingers crossed for my test

Helena D

Gave me confidence

5.0 rating
11th May 2020

I took my driving lessons with Paul and passed 1st time. It was a while ago but I did a semi-intensive course as was in a hurry. Once I passed I took some motorway lessons straight away as I needed to drive for work. I would recommend Paul as his teaching was perfect for me.

Dan B

Recommendation from me

5.0 rating
11th May 2020

Paul was a very good instructor, he even allowed my child to sit in on our lessons when my husband was working. He worked very hard and I passed my test – worth every penny.

Jackie N

Hills starts - no problem!

5.0 rating
11th May 2020

I have now been driving about a year and love it. When I started learning to drive I was terrified. I hated hill starts and the emergency stop. But in an automatic car these things were easy and Paul was really patient with me, he even put up with a few tears from me when my nerves got the better of me. Thanks Paul.


Kind Instructor

5.0 rating
11th May 2020

Paul is a very kind man and an excellent instructor, very patient and understanding. Well he taught me to drive 🙂

Francis Brown

Loved my Lessons

5.0 rating
11th May 2020

I loved all of my lessons with Paul. He was an amazing instructor. I looked forward to all my lessons. When I passed I even met up with Paul for a sneaky Nando’s to have a catch-up.
Would 100% recommend!

Gary Jones

10 out of 10

5.0 rating
25th April 2020

10 out of 10 would recommend. Such a great teacher and so funny. Student App and website are really easy to understand:)


Darn Lockdown

5.0 rating
19th April 2020

I enjoyed my driving lessons so much. I love learning in an automatic car and can’t wait for the lockdown to end so I can start driving again. I was doing so well learning with Paul.


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More Reviews of Paul's Automatic Driving School

Read reviews of Paul’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke to see what previous students have to say.

Amazing Instructor

5.0 rating
15th April 2020

Great sense of humour, easy to get along with. Had many instructors in the area, all of which were unreliable. Paul is a great choice for anyone looking to learn in an automatic.


Really recommend

5.0 rating
27th February 2020

Wont recommend enough. Paul is funny, patient and culturally diverse. I had a great experience though had no previous experience.


Passed Zero Faults

5.0 rating
16th December 2019

I passed first time with zero faults, thanks Paul


Excellent Instructor

5.0 rating
11th December 2019

Can’t recommend anyone better than Paul for a driving instructor, easy to talk to funny and genuine person, made the art of learning how to drive easy, passing my test today with only 1 fault, thanks Paul.

James Newman


5.0 rating
21st October 2019

Paul taught my daughter from the start she had no experience behind a wheel he is very patient and my daughter was confident in him teaching her she passed last week l would recommend him

Sandra Plenderleith

Brilliant Instructor

5.0 rating
21st October 2019

Brilliant instructor. Easy to get on with. Easy to understand the car he uses. Prices are good too.

Aimee Pearson

Highly Recommended

5.0 rating
18th October 2019

Paul is an incredible teacher: patient, dedicated, and always willing to explain things again or in a different way. I would highly recommend him.


Defiantly 5 Stars

5.0 rating
9th September 2019

If he can get me passed 1st time then he is definitely 5 stars

Matthew Tuffnell


5.0 rating
17th June 2019

Excellent Instructor

Deborah Stagg

Thanks Paul!

5.0 rating
3rd June 2019

Paul is a very nice instructor. His way of speaking was really clear and easy to understand, as a non native student it could be a problem for me. He is patient and always be willing to help students to be the best. His objective is not passing the exam only, but to eliminate any potential dangers in order to make sure students are 100% safe. He also keep reviewing himself and try to find the best/new method for each of his student.

Merve Alparslan

Patient and Thorough Instructor

5.0 rating
30th April 2019

Paul is a patient and thorough driving instructor. I am a fairly anxious driver, but with Paul’s sense of humour and encouragement I passed my driving test 1st time today

Charlie Newson

10 out of 10

5.0 rating
8th April 2019

I’m so glad I changed my instructor to Paul, he’s such a good instructor. I 10/10 would recommend just to drive an automatic car to have Paul as your instructor.
After bad experiences with my old instructor who I found to get a bit passive aggressive after every mistake, I didn’t think my driving would ever improve or want a professional driving lesson ever again. But Paul was so friendly and easy to talk to, lessons were helpful and he gets straight to the point with teaching and gives great advice.
Because of Paul I was able to pass 1st time! Thanks again Paul!

Neha Kerung

Calming Instructor

5.0 rating
4th April 2019

Paul is a good guy and is a very calming instructor. I had concerns about my ability to drive due to medical issues but Paul was able to help me get past the concerns and even gave advice on possible positives and negatives about driving features in cars.


Passed First Time

5.0 rating
29th March 2019

Paul is a brilliant instructor and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn. I struggled with everything to begin with but Paul was patient and helped me with everything I needed help with and because of that I have passed my test first time.

Taylor Hutchings

Amazing Fun Lessons

5.0 rating
6th March 2019

I totally enjoyed all of my automatic driving lessons with Paul. I was very nervous at the thought of learning to drive. On my 17th birthday I had my 1st ever lesson with Paul and loved it. He was an amazing instructor and I looked forward to all of my lessons. All of my lessons were fun, but at the same time I learned so much. I would recommend Paul to everyone.

Callum Grundy

Great instructor

5.0 rating
5th March 2019

Paul is a great instructor, very calm and patient. I was in my late 40’s when i started to drive and very nervous but he never gave up on me. I still have times when i can’t believe I’ve passed. Thanks to paul i am driving and loving the freedom. Paul is good at his job and i am greatful for all his hard work. I would recommend paul.

Tina Taylor

Very Patient Instructor

5.0 rating
4th January 2019

Paul was incredibly patient with me during our lessons. It was a great experience and supported my progress by unpicking the areas I was struggling with after each lesson. He is a great instructor and makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in the drivers seat. I have enjoyed my lessons and would definitely recommend him to anyone who is a bit nervous like me! I couldn’t have passed first time around without his help. Thanks Paul!

Sanaa Humid

Excellent Instructor

5.0 rating
29th November 2018

I have had two driving instructor before I met Paul Loader. Paul changed my bad view of instructor. He was patient, encouraging and professional while teaching me. He is more like a family friend now. He is the instructor taught my husband, family friends and now me. I will recommend him because you sure will achieve your aim of leaning to drive in a safe way.

Abi Alli

Motorway lessons for new drivers

5.0 rating
14th October 2018

After passing my driving test I decided that I would do a motorway lesson. I need to use the motorway everyday for work and thought it would be scary. After a two hour lesson I preferred it to driving on town roads. Once you get used to it – its great. I would recommend that all new drivers take a motorway lesson even though you can actually go on before you pass your test these days.

Nicky Adams-Baker

Paul is an excellent instructor

5.0 rating
4th August 2018

After trying and struggling with other driving instructors, I decided to try automatic driving with Paul. My confidence was dented and I didn’t think I would ever do it. Paul is an excellent instructor, patient, clear and concise with instructions and highly recommended.

Christopher Newson

Genuine Nice Guy

5.0 rating
23rd July 2018

I was hesitant about starting my lessons with such a short amount of time between starting to learn again and passing my test I had about a Month before my theory expired. I was nervous and Paul put me at ease and I couldn’t of done it without him. Genuine nice guy and took the time and effort to work of what knowledge I did already have. I passed my test today first time. Whoop Thank you Paul

Andrea Frewer

Paul was great

5.0 rating
4th July 2018

Paul was great and helped me pass my driving test on the first go. I had been driving for about 10 years before coming to the UK and he helped take the skills I had and sharpen them so I could safely drive here. He spent as much time on any skill I needed and I went into my test confident I would pass. Highly recommend!
Brandi Linthwaite

Brandi Linthwaite

Great Guy

5.0 rating
20th June 2018

Paul’s a great instructor and a nice guy all round. Was a pleasure taking lessons with him and passing my test.

Tom Kerwood

Would Recommend

5.0 rating
6th June 2018

Great lessons with Paul. Very informative and learned a lot within an hour lesson. Would recommend.


You are a STAR

5.0 rating
14th May 2018

Paul took me on as a nervous wreck after failing to progress with a different driving instructor, he has the patience of a saint and I couldn’t have passed without him. I cant recommend him highly enough, he does a fantastic job at building reassurance and confidence without the need to pressure or belittle. Thanks for everything Paul, you’ve been a star

Sonny's Mum

Excellent Teacher

5.0 rating
13th March 2018

I passed using Paul driving school he was an excellent teacher and I doubt I would of passed without his guidance. I feel ready to be on the road.

Cara Butcher

Really good teacher - help me to pass 1st time

5.0 rating
6th March 2018

Paul is a really good teacher who helped me to pass both my theory and practical tests. During every lesson he made sure I had a good understanding of everything I was being taught, and was happy to spend as much time as I needed on each manoeuvre. He was also able to answer all my questions and was happy to explain things as many times as I needed. He talked me through the test beforehand and made sure I knew what to expect on test day, which I found really reassured me as I was very nervous. I couldn’t be more grateful to him for helping me to pass.

Bella Vallis


5.0 rating
10th February 2018

Paul really helped me to pass my theory test as well as teaching me to drive and passing my driving test. He really helped me as I was very nervous at 1st. My mum recommended him to me as he taught her to drive and now I have also passed my test with him.

Mark Bright

Fantastic Instructor

5.0 rating
20th January 2018

Fantastic instructor very patient and makes you feel at ease! So happy to say I passed first time. Would highly recommend

Lindsay Draper

Passed 1st time

5.0 rating
18th December 2017

Although I passed my theory and practical 1st time I can’t take all the credit. As they say your only as good as your teacher so credit goes to Paul for getting me through a nightmare test day. He’s a calm knowledgeable teacher and came recommended to me via family and friends and I would recommend time and time again. So if you’re looking for a driving instructor, look no further you’ve found the best Basingstoke thanks Paul.

Ricky Beard

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