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Covid-19 Driving Lessons

Taking automatic driving lessons with Paul’s Automatic Driving School during Covid-19

Automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke with a vaccinnated driving instructor

The safety of our students and their families is important to us, so we are taking precautions recommended by the government and the DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency). However, it is a students responsibility to ensure they do not take any automatic driving tuition if it would put themselves or anyone at risk.  Please carry out your own risk assessment to keep yourself and those you love safe.

Please note that the information on this page is specifically intended for students taking automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke with Paul’s Automatic Driving School.  Precautions may differ for other local driving schools.  Precautions may also be subject to changes if government guidelines change at any point in the future.

Check here for more government information on the current restrictions.

Automatic Driving School Basingstoke Encourages Covid-19 Precautions

Before your lesson

Just before you leave your house for your automatic driving lesson please take the time to wash your hands. It is recommended to wash your hands in hot, soapy water as often as you can and for at least 30 seconds.  This will help to protect other users of the driving school car.

You will receive a reminder message on your student app 48 hours prior to your lesson, reminding you to notify your instructor if you have been in contact with or are personally showing any signs of the virus.

The instructor will:

Just before your lesson, the driving instructor will sanitise the car, using a range of approved wipes and cleaning materials.  This will include wiping all touch surfaces; steering wheel, controls, gear selector, mirrors, seat and seat adjuster etc.


Wear a face covering

Where possible you will be expected to wear a face covering. This should be worn prior to entering the vehicle for your automatic driving lesson.

Some people are medically exempt from wearing a facemask for health reasons and there is a full list and more information on the government’s website. It is not appropriate to wear any face shields during your lessons as this could cause you an injury should the airbags be deployed in the unlikely event of an accident.

Automatic Driving School Basingstoke Encourages Face Masks

The start of your lesson

At the start of your automatic driving lesson, you will normally be greeted outside of the vehicle and offered hand gel to sanitise your hands before entering the vehicle.  At this point, your temperature will also be taken to make sure you do not have a raised temperature.  If there is bad weather your temperature can be taken inside the vehicle.


During your lesson

A few additional precautions will be taken during every automatic driving lesson conducted; this includes at least two windows being partially opened, one on each side of the vehicle to allow for ventilation.  The airconditioning will be off to prevent the recirculation of any air, but heating will still be used when it is cold and wet.

As far as possible instructions and communication throughout the lessons should be given facing forwards and not face to face.


End of your lesson

At the end of your lessons and after the debrief it is recommended that you find somewhere to wash your hands again as soon as possible.  If you wish to use hand gel again to re sanitize your hands please ask.


All students are respectfully reminded that Paul’s Automatic Driving School does have a 48-hour cancellation policy that all students agreed to from the student app, before commencing any automatic driving lessons. During the pandemic, a student should endeavour to follow the policy as any lessons cancelled at short notice could still require payment unless there is a confirmed case of Covid-19.  However, discretion will always be shown in cases of cancellations. More information on cancellations can be found on our terms and conditions page.

Stay safe and well

Every precaution will be taken to ensure that everyone stays safe and well during these times and that we all play our part in preventing the spread of the Corona Virus.  At the same time as a business and a driving school, we will endeavour to provide ‘Grade A’ automatic driving lessons to our students and will do everything to keep them as enjoyable as possible – enabling our students to learn to drive and pass their driving test.

It should also be noted at this stage that one of the knock-on effects of the Corona Virus an extended waiting time for theory and practical tests.

Any student or close contacts who become infected with the Corona Virus could put others at risk. There may then be a need for the instructor or other students to self-isolate should this occur, so you are respectfully asked to notify Paul Loader immediately if there is any risk to others either confirmed or unconfirmed. 


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