Complaints Policy

Something gone wrong?

Although it is very rare to receive complaints from students, I always try my best at all times to ensure not everything goes according to plan.  The best thing for a student to do is to speak to me personally if something has been said or done that has caused any offence, there is normally a reason and it is acknowledged that during a driving lesson things can sometimes be taken out of context, be said in hast or misinterpreted. 

Also, make sure you have read and understood the driving school’s terms and conditions, particularly when it comes to cancelling or changing lessons and any charges that you may be charged for missed lessons.

In the event that a student wished to pursue a complaint they should initially;

1) Speak to me first to see if it can be resolved.

2) Email me directly and detail the complaint giving me some time to respond. The email address is below;

3) The DVSA do not normally get involved in complaints as driving instructors are self-employed and are their own bosses. But as a last resort, you could complain to the DVSA who will notify your instructor that you have a complaint and can act as mediate on your behalf. But the above steps should be followed in the first instance. 

Complaints Policy
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Please also see the privacy policy for information on how your data is stored, the terms and conditions page or get in touch.