Supporting the NHS. 

It is at times like this when the coronavirus is at pandemic levels, that amazing people up and down the country are stepping up to support the NHS and the wider community.  To date over 400,000 people have signed up online to support their communities via the government’s website.

We are also seeing the Thursday evening clap where residents are standing on their doorsteps and applauding the NHS and key workers who are working hard to keep the country moving.   This includes doctors, nurses, care and support workers, shop workers, bin men (and women), postal workers, delivery drivers, those in manufacturing and many more.  So a big well done to everyone who has stepped up to help and often putting themselves at risk in the process.


We all have a part to play

People right across the country are stepping up to assist others in need.  This includes volunteering to assist vulnerable people who are unable to leave their homes with things like; shopping, collecting medications, offering phone support to the lonely, etc.

Many people have had to temporarily close businesses as they are unable to leave their homes as their businesses are closed because they are classed as non-essential.  This includes driving instructors.  It is encouraging to see that a large majority of driving instructors have also offered their help by signing up for the government’s scheme.

What am I doing?

As a member of St John’s Ambulance, I have been able to sign up to assist the NHS in a more clinical way.  This could in the near future included assisting nurses and carers in the NHS hospitals as and when required. It is still early days and at the moment, I have undertaken extra training provided by St John’s Ambulance to facilitate this.  Hopefully, some shift will come through soon as I really want to play my part in offering as much assistance as I can.  Having had to close my driving school temporarily I have plenty of time to offer.

Stay save in whatever you are doing

Whatever you are doing to assist others, or even if you are forced to remain in social isolation due to ill health please stay safe and well.  Try to remember that we can all play our part by following the government’s rules and recommendations on social distancing.  Together we stand and together we can get through this.  Hopefully, we will all be able to return to some sense of normality as soon as this horrible virus has been defeated. 

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