Modern Day Driving Tuition

Technology changes so fast, it’s almost impossible to keep up with it.  The world in 2019 seems to be going more and more digital, technology is becoming more common and our smart phones seem to be a more of a necessity tool than a luxury.

That’s why Paul’s Automatic Driving School has been working to modernise its approach to teach students using the new client lead learning techniques being promoted by the DVSA.  A key part of this modernisation is to provide pupils with a free student app for their smart phones – called ‘Total Drive’.


Total Drive – by Hoot Media

Based in South Devon a team of web developers and their two office dogs are busy beavering away creating and developing the Total Drive app for driving instructors and their pupils.

Paul’s Automatic Driving School has been using the app for the last 6 weeks and has received nothing but praise from the driving school pupils.  The team are up dating the app constantly to get it as slick as possible with regular updates in response from the instructors using the app.

Why I would recommend ‘Total Drive’ to all instructors

Simply put, because in my humble opinion as a driving instructor it’s brilliant.  It’s also almost perfect, the team are open to suggestions as to what instructors would like to see added to the app, and I am often phoning them and speaking to one of the business partners called ‘Tom’.

There are only one or two apps for driving instructors that I have found and was using another app previously and had been using the app for many years.  After feeling like there could be something else out there and really looking for an app that my students could also use I came across ‘Total Drive’.  I have now had the app, and all my student have been using the app and we have all found it to be brilliant.  It has made a huge change to my business and saves me so much time, here’s why;

Save time, kick back and relax


Pupils can add their own information

No more chasing pupils for their details and entering them yourself (you can add them if you want to – but save time and let them do it – let them own their own and and save time).  This includes, name, address, email, phone, theory details, licence number and date of birth.

Pupils can see paid and prepaid lessons

Pupils can now see how many lessons they have paid for, how much money they have spent and recieve email reciepts when an instructor enters  a payment into their own app.  This is great and enables both the instructor and pupil to see how many lessons are in credit when a block booking has been made.

Instructor Financial Records

Instructors can keep full financial records.  Recording all incoming and outgoing transactions.  Now instructors can also record personal and business miles.

Pupils can see list of booked lessons

No more of those calls from your pupils asking “when’s my next lesson again?”.  All pupils have a list of their booked lessons on their own apps.  They will also receive lesson reminders via the app to remind them at either 72, 48 or 24 hours.  In addition text messages are now available to give pupils that extra reminder.  This will cut down on the amount of missed lessons, mean more money in the pocket.

Instructors diary and calendar

The instructor diary is an essential tool for any idea.  Simply enter a lesson for the pupil on your instructor app, if you want to edit it, change it, cancel it no problem!  Pupils app will update automatically every-time you make a change.  You don’t even need to notify them, as they will receive a push notification telling them of any changes made to their bookings.

More to come

There’s much more to come, including receiving payments via the app for lessons, something that my pupils said they would defiantly use.  Another great time saver for pupils and instructors.

Tech is the way forward

Modernising any business is defiantly the way forward.  Young pupils love using their phones and having a driving school app is brilliant.  I have pupils asking me why other driving schools and driving instructors do not use this ‘Total Drive’ app?  It’s a good question – why not give it a try?

More on Total Drive can be found on their Total Drive website

More on Hoot Media can be found on their website

For more information on learning to drive in an automatic car or taking automatic driving lessons with Paul’s Automatic Driving School take a look at our website