Driving School’s New Car

Fiesta Active Eco Boost

  • Electric Windows
  • Power Steering
  • Door Edge Protects
  • Built in Sat-Nav
  • Air Conditioning
  • Eco & Sports Driving Mode
  • Fully Automatic
  • Air Bag Protection
  • Dual Controlled Brakes
  • Rear Parking Sensors

Paul’s Automatic Driving School is pleased to announce the driving school car has now changed to the all new Ford Fiesta Active.

This new car has lots of added little extras, it is easy to drive, economical and environmentally friendly compared to other automatic cars.  It’s added hight and extra high suspension compared to the regular Ford Fiesta makes for an improved and smoother driving experience.

Now displaying its catchy and stand out Driving School design, L Plates front and rear so no longer any need to use a roof box, making the car for aerodynamic and fuel efficient.


1st Impressions count

I am not exactly sure how Ford have pulled it off with this new design of the classic Ford Fiesta – but they defiantly have.  In the past I have had several Ford Fiesta’s and this car is a massive improvement.  The additional cost between the Ford Fiesta and its Fiesta Active cousin are well worth the extra price tag, the positive improvements are considerable in my opinion.  Ford seem to have taken this car to an all new level and since I collected it a few days ago I just want to go and sit it in and drive it around – I am actually looking forward to introducing this new car to my students.

From the bottom up

Its black style alloy wheels are a great feature, maybe not the best for a driving school car, but this car had extra’s I did not see before buying.  So the alloy wheels are a pleasant surprise. (Maybe some black alloy wheel protectors are needed).  Its black trims that surround the brilliant white body work of the car are an elegant touch.  Its size and shape are just perfect for me.  The blackout privacy glass in the rear of the car are a stylish feature that just make the car look even better.

Inside the car

The inside of the car is beautiful and not boring like my previous car.  For me it’s all about the inside!  After all, when driving you are inside the car right!  It’s all new entertainment and satnav system is so cool.  Its packed with so many different features that I just love.  It integrates so well with my Samsung s10 phone and there is even an app that allows you to few your cars vitals, as well as be notified of its location if you forget where you have parked (yes, I have done that), it messages you if the alarm is triggered and notifies you of any technical issues.  This model of car also has added reversing sensors and display.

Its seats are comfy but the most amazing it is smooth and quiet ride.  No more bumpy suspension like my previous car.

The engine and gear box

Not being very technical I am not sure how Ford have done this, but its amazing.  They have taken the engine and made it smaller but added speed!  I would describe this car as deceiving.  It has so much speed and punch packed it making it a zippy little thing.  I have not had the chance to put it through its paces yet, but with its 6 speed automatic gears it drives great.

I really believe all my students will love driving this car – it’s almost too nice to let anyone else drive though.


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