Updates 09/04/19

1. SMS Reminders

2. Car Livery

3. Free WiFi

4. App Feedback

Free SMS Reminders

As well as recieving the free push reminders 72 hours before a lesson, several pupils have also requested the text messages theat were provided under the old booking system.  As of today, text reminders will also be provided free of charge, these will be delivered 48 hours before a lesson is due to start.

Please note that reminder cannot be issued for last moment bookings or lesson changes.

Car Graphics

Very shortly you will notice a change as the car is being sign writen to update its image.  It will be farewell to the old roof box and a new howdy to the graphics.  You can see a preview of how the car is going to look in the image above.  Let me know what you think.  The car will also display two L Plates on both the front and rear.

Free WiFi Hotspot

Some might think this is a strange thing to provide in a driving school car, considering that mobile devices cannot and should not be used.  However with the introduction of the new driving school app and other interactive ways of learning, there is sometimes a need for a student to be able to access the internet.  This will always be done in an appropriate and legal way, for example – to check or book a driving test, or to access pupil progress record on the pupil app.

Pupil App Feedback

If you have not downloaded the new pupil app, please download and give it a go, I am sure you will find it very helpful. It would be great if pupils could continue to use the new app, every pupil I have spoken to so far has thought the new app is brilliant.  This app will continue to be free for all pupils to use and is paid for by the driving school.  Due to the impressive way in which the app is being constantly improved and updated could pupils please consider leaving feedback for the app on your app store.  IOS store and Android store.

Download IOS

Download Android