Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

The Driving School car is a Ford Fiesta Active, that is easy to drive and is fitted with a dual brake and extra mirrors to help you with your reversing exercises.

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You can take automatic driving lessons and classes anywhere in the Basingstoke with Paul’s  Automatic Driving School Basingstoke. There is a complete range of automatic driving tuition to suit everyone. Learning to drive in an automatic car is much easier than a manual one and whether you are a complete beginner to driving, had some experience before, then automatic driving lessons would be an excellent way for you to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Nervous drivers and those that have tried manual before are especially welcome.  Paul became a driving instructor in 2005 so has many years experience in teaching people to drive and helping them to pass the driving test.

Automatic driving lessons start from only £35 an hour and there are discounts for block bookings available.

Automatic driving lessons can be taken Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm in Basingstoke only.  Sorry we do not offer evening or weekend lessons.

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Easier to drive

Easier to drive than a manual car (more)

Save money

Less lessons means you save money, £35 an hour with discounts for block booking. (more)

Individually tailored tuition

All automatic driving lessons are tailored to your own learning style and requirements (more)


Higher pass rate

Its easier to pass your test in an automatic (more)

Free pupil app

Track lessons appointments, track learning progress, see financial records (pupil app)

Flexible locations

Flexible collection and drop off points can be pre-arranged; home, work, college, town, etc (more)

No matter whether you have had any previous experience or not, nervous drivers are also especially welcomed. You will learn to drive in a relaxed but professional style, learning everything you need to know to learn to drive safely for life and to go on and pass your driving test.  Learning to drive in an automatic car is much easier than a manual one as there is no gear changing, clutch control to learn, also the car does not roll backwards on those tricky hill starts and automatic cars do not stall. It should take less time and money to pass that all important driving test. Your lessons are on a one 2 one basis and are individually tailored to your own learning style and requirements so you can learn to drive at your own pace, giving you peace of mind and helping you to enjoy all of your automatic driving lessons. Automatic driving lessons and classes can be taken Monday to Friday between 9am and 4pm.

For more information contact: 07854 245 494

Excellent Reviews

Paul became a driving instructor in 2002 but Since 2010 he has specialised in automatic tuition and has many positive reviews and recommendations from successful pupils.  You can read more reviews on our reviews page.

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Automatic driving lessons can be taken Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm in Basingstoke only.  Sorry we do not offer evening or weekend lessons.

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To add yourself to the Automatic Driving School's waiting list please make sure of the following:

- You are have a valid provisional licence

- Lessons are weekdays 9am to 4pm

- Lessons can only be taken in Basingstoke

- Acknowledge lessons can not be taken evenings or weekends

Learning to driving in an automatic car can save you money.  Automatic driving lessons do tend to cost more but the average learner should require less driving lessons in order to learn to drive and pass their test.  Some people also choose automatic when they have tried manual and do not progress and learn so switch to automatic to save money.

You can choose to begin and end your automatic driving lessons from pre-arranged locations.  These can include home, work, town, railway station or even college.  Flexible collection and drop of points do need to be prearranged in advance within Basingstoke

When you take automatic driving lessons with Paul's Automatic Driving School you can download the free pupil app.  It is available on IOS & Android.  You can use this to track your booked and past lessons, payments and prepayment, lessons notes and your full progress history.

Paul's Automatic Driving School has high pass rates.  Paul is a very experienced driving instructor that has helped many people to pass the driving test.  Automatic driving lessons are also easier, this can mean that people find it much easier to learn to drive and pass the driving test. 

All automatic driving lessons are individually tailored to each learn and their style, pace and ability to learn.  All students are unique and so are the lessons.  You can learn to drive at your own pace.  The goal is always the same - that is to pass your driving test and Paul Loader will do everything he can to help you get there.

Automatic cars are easier to drive because they do not have a clutch or gears.  Learning to control the clutch and change gears are complicated to some learners.  As there is no clutch control to learn it also means you will not stall, automatic cars do not stall and tend not to roll backwards on hill starts.

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Introducing the Ford Fiesta Active

Paul's Automatic Driving School uses the Ford Fiesta Active (Eco Boost) for all lessons and classes.  Being an automatic the car is very easy to drive as there are no gear changes to do.  Also with no clutch control to master its easy!  This car will also never stall or roll backwards on those challenging hill starts.