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Automatic Driving Lessons with Paul’s Automatic Driving School

Do you want to learn to drive and pass your driving test?  At Paul’s Automatic Driving School Basingstoke we specialise in offering a complete range of automatic driving lessons and classes to suit everyone. Learning to drive in an automatic car is a lot easier than learning in a manual car. All our lessons are with a DVSA approved ‘Grade A’ instructor, who has over 16 years of expertise in teaching learner drivers.  Our driving school boasts an excellent first time driving test pass rate and can help you to pass your driving test too. Prices start from only £40 an hour and there are discounts for block bookings.

You can be confident that our driving lessons are conducted in a friendly, professional, patient style, to help you learn to drive. We will use the latest driving techniques that allow you to learn at your own pace, with lessons that are tailored to your own learning requirements. During your lessons, you will learn everything you need to know to make you a safe driver for life.  Learning a full range of junctions, different road types and reversing techniques. We want you to learn and enjoy your lessons – all the way up to passing your driving test.

In addition to offering automatic driving lessons for learner drivers, we also offer a range of additional training and tuition for those who have already passed the driving test and are looking to improve their basic skills, this includes automatic refresher lessons and motorway training as well as Pass Plus Courses.

You can call or text: 07854 245 494


Flexible Driving Lessons

To help you fit your driving lessons into your busy schedule we offer flexible collection and drop off points within Basingstoke, this could include; your home address, work, school, college, railway station etc. Lessons can be taken Monday to Friday. So why not sign up today, to arrange your 1st automatic driving lesson.

Paul’s Automatic Driving School comes highly recommended by previous students and we have lots of amazing reviews and recommendations.

You can call or text: 07854 245 494


Automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke with a vaccinnated driving instructor


I have been vaccinated against Covid-19 for my protection and those around me.



Highly recommended by previous students


Learn to drive at your own pace with individually tailored driving lessons designed just for you.


Mock tests are conducted to prepare you for the official DVSA driving test.


We specialise in only offering automatic driving lessons  and have many years of expertise and experience.


Learning to drive in an automatic car is easy when compared to a manual car.


We offer great value for money, with automatic driving lessons from £40 an hour.

Automatic Driving Lessons Are Easier

Automatic driving lessons are much easier than manual lessons. Whether you are a complete beginner to driving or had some experience before. You may even have had lessons with another driving school or family member and are looking for a change! Automatic driving lessons would be an excellent way for you to learn to drive and pass your driving test. Nervous drivers and those that have tried manual lessons before are especially welcome.  

Automatic driving lessons in Basingstoke in an automatic Ford Fiesta Active.

Our lessons can normally help a student gain confidence and experience the joys that driving can bring much quicker.  Even nervous learner drivers and those with conditions such as dyslexia and dyspraxia find that driving a car without the need to change gear or learn clutch control is much more manageable for them. Also, automatic cars do not stall and do not normally roll backwards at junctions – making learning and driving easier at junctions and roundabouts.  Reversing manoeuvres such as ‘bay parking’ and ‘parallel parking’ etc are much simpler in an automatic car.

Make a start and get on the road to success. If you would like more information on our driving lessons or any tuition that we offer, please get in touch with us, to discuss your requirements. Alternatively, you may find answers to your questions on our frequently asked questions page. To arrange your automatic driving lesson in Basingstoke simply give us a call or text: 07854 245 494 or sign up online and we will contact you.

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Get unlimited FREE use of our driving school IOS and Android app to track all of your learning progress, lesson reminders, pupil and instructor notes to improve your learning progress.  This FREE app has won and many awards and is yours to use when you take automatic driving lessons with Paul’s Automatic Driving School in Basingstoke.
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