Absolutely would recommend Paul to anybody, learnt to drive in just over four weeks passed my theory and my practical first time! He’s been a brilliant reliable and calm teacher! Thank you Paul

Kara Dolby

Terms and Conditions


Please note that you will need to agree to the following terms and conditions below if you are going to take automatic driving lessons with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School.  They are standard terms and condition to enable the safe and smooth running of the driving school.  There is also a privacy policy within this site to explain how your data is stored.

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1) Paying for your lessons.

a) Lessons can be paid for usings PayM, Bank Transfer, Chip and Pin (credit or debit cards), online from this website or in cash.

b) When paying online for a lesson or by Bank Transfer or PayM, please make sure you have a lesson booked.

c) Paying for a lesson does not mean you will be gaurnteed a lesson if it is not already pre-book and you may not receive a refund.


2) You must be fit to drive.

All pupils must ensure they are fit to legally drive and not be under the influence of anything such as drugs, alcohol or medication that may make them unfit to drive. If at any point during a lesson it is determined otherwise your lesson maybe immediately terminated by the instructor.


3) Must have valid provisional licence.

All pupils must have a valid provisional or international license to enable them to drive and take tuition, this most be shown on the first lesson as evidence that you are entitled to drive.  It should be brought to all lessons whenever possible.


4) Cancelling or changing lessons. All pupils must give at least 48 hours notice to cancel or change a lesson, last minute cancelations or changes could result in the full lesson fee being applied.  The instructor reserves the right to refuse any future bookings if settlement is not made.


5) Mobile phones.

All pupils should switch off or turn mobile phones onto silent during a driving lesson.


6) Payments

All pupils must pay at the start of a driving lesson or in advance because credit cannot be given.


7) Block bookings.

All pupils are welcome to pay for a block of lessons in advance but please note that refunds are NOT available on any block bookings.  When block bookings are made then a contract for tuition has been entered into between the pupil and the driving school.


8) Rights to tuition car.

All pupils should note that the instructor reserves the right to withhold use of the tuition car for test purposes if the instructor believes that they (the pupil) are not at test standard.  The instructor is not responsible for ensuring the car is available for a test that has not been arranged with the instructor’s consent.


9) Instrcutor cancelled lessons.

All pupils should note that from time to time the instructor may need to change, postpone or cancel a lesson at short notice in the event of vehicle breakdown, illness or to accommodate other pupils driving tests, but notice will always be given where possible.


10) 3rd Party refunds.

All pupils should note that if another person pays for a lesson on your behalf and the lesson is not taken that you will not be able to request a refund on the used lesson.  If it is deemed that a refund is due it will only be due to the person who originally paid, at their request to meet legal requirements and refunds to third parties will never be made in cash.  Please note that refunds on block bookings are NOT available as a contract has been entered between the driving school and pupil when a block booking is made.


11) Refunds

a) Any lessons paid for in advance either online, Paym, Bank Transfer; are not refundable.  Payments must not be made unless you have been accepted as a pupil and have a lesson booked and confirmed.

b) All pupils should note that any advance payments made equates to a contact between the pupil and the driving school.  Should a contract be completed by passing the driving test with Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School then a refund maybe issued for a remaining balance but a fee of £20 will be charged to cover admin and expenses.  A refund will not be issued if a pupil has broken the contract by terminating their lessons prior to their driving test.  The fee if it meets the requirements can also only be paid to the person paying the original fee to the driving school.


12) Terms and Conditions.

All pupils should note that they should read the terms and conditions before commencing their driving lessons.  Links to the terms and conditions are on every page of the website and a paper copy can be requested at any time.  If an individual wishing to take tuition with the driving school cannot agree to the terms and conditions, then they will be unable to use the services of the driving school.


13) Personal Data

The driving school will need to store some personal data; name, address, phone number, driving licence number, date of birth and progress reports.  You may ask to see this data at anytime during your lesson.  If and when you cease to be a pupil you may request for this data to be deleted.

Some data relating to payments made for lessons cannot be deleted for accounting purposes.


14) Other driving schools

Pupils should note that it is not good practice for a student to learn with more than one instructor at the same time.  All driving instructors have their own method to teaching and it can be very confusing if you have more than one instructor at the same time.  This is not recommended practice and could lead to your pupil contract being terminated.


15) Marmalade

As a driving school we recommend Marmalade as a company providing services to young drivers, but it is a personal recommendation.  It is always advisable when dealing with any business to check any terms and conditions before signing up to any services or entering into any purchase.

16) Advertising

The driving school website contains advertising.  The advertisements and contents are not controlled by the driving school, therefore the driving school cannot accept responsibility for the advertising.


Terms and conditions updated 6th February 2019.


Before you can take any automatic driving tuition or lessons with us, please read all of the terms and conditions above and then send us your agreement using the form below.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us on 07854 245 494.

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