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As a busy driving instructor I have been using the MyDriveTime software to manage my driving school.  I am able to completely manage my business accounts, lesson bookings, pupil progress records, driving test etc.  It saves my time and make managing the business much easier.  I am able to access MyDriveTime online or through my IOS Apps on my iPad and iPhone, this means I can carry my business in my pocket wherever I am.



MyDriveTime provides ADIs and PDIs with a software tool that helps manage the record-keeping demands relating to their teaching.  It was conceived by software designer Dan Hill when his wife qualified as an ADI in 2008, and alongside his business partner and software developer Michelle Timmons, launched the service for instructors in October 2014. 

The service is far more than just an app, or a diary, or an accounts package.  Their customer service is second to none, with accessibility to the support team available in person at their office in Hampshire, or via email, phone or online chat – a level of service that isn’t typically available via traditional mobile-only apps.  They offer online demonstrations and have a real desire to help improve the lot of instructors, who often find business administration challenging.

Free trial

Instructors register for a free trial of the service via the MyDriveTime website at A short tutorial explains that the service includes diary management, student details, lesson details, progress through a customisable syllabus and, perhaps most importantly, financial transaction tracking and reporting. It also provides SMS lesson reminders, that you can try for free during your trial.

Simple pricing, no hassle

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Online or Android -IOS Apps

Accompanying the online part are the Android and iOS native mobile apps that can be installed on any number of devices, using clever synchronisation to keep everything safe and secure.  The mobile apps are a cut-down version of what’s online; containing only the core functions needed to work with your records during the day.  This focus on the important jobs makes it far quicker to get to the information you need and to update your students, lessons and transactions between bookings when time is tight.  Importantly, they work offline too, meaning mobile internet isn’t required.

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It’s a fact that data works better when it’s all connected in one place.  By using one system to track students, lessons, progress and payments, MyDriveTime fuses the information to make it easier to see how many hours students have bought, used and have remaining, as well as a Financial Summary report that shows income, expenditure and profit.  This helps the instructor to update customers quickly on the financials, as well as planning for their tax liability throughout the year, rather than panicking about it the following January.  It even has an integrated tax return completion option, in partnership with FBTC Accountancy Services.  It really is an ‘end-to-end’ solution on which every driving instructor should base their administration upon.


You can find our more at www.mydrivetime.co.uk and enter code LOADER to benefit from an extended 28-day trial.

Paul Loader’s Automatic Driving School offers automatic driving lessons, classes and tuition in Basingstoke.  For more information please go to the main website www.automatic-instructor.co.uk.

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